Fashion trends F/W 2012-13

Styling Trends Women’s wear.

Simplicity features Elegance.

This winter you’ll see an extravagent mixture of sportive heritage pieces and very feminine dresses and tops. This is elegance and luxury and give this theme a relaxed and contemporary look. The idea is to play with codes based on classics and traditions. When you put them into you will get an effect through quality and precision. 

Plain and luxurious aspects are mixed nonchalantly through noble fabrics, influenced by the fifties, sixties and seventies. Silhouettes are based on reduced styles, materials’ mix, beautifull finishing details and ofcourse a perfect styling. High-quality wool of fabrics, double-fae, chinés, soft reliefs and peeling effects are combined with silk, jersey,leather, checks and informal prints.


The colour will be camel, brouwn and flannel, mixed with gold, red and olive. Beige, navy and slate, copper, heather, hay are combination colours. (As you can see above)


Waxed cotton, leather in cognac and brown shades, wool cloths, crêpes, satins, single structures, moulinés, bouclés, peeling effects, soft moharis, alpacas, doucle-face, flames, silk satins, jerseys, nappa and braided leather, sheepskin, embroideries in wool, weaving and tweed optics, leather effects, harringtons, tweeds and Shetlands


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